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Bio-stimulants, Seed treatment

ReFuerza Control de nemátodos
Empaque ReFuerza Control de nemátodos

This product is ideal for the following crops:

Raíz de maíz-Control de nemátodos

Biological Rooting and Nematode Control 

ReFuerza acts quickly on plant roots, stimulating better nutrient absorption and reducing transplant stress. This active blend of bacteria and fungi protects the root for a long time, resulting in better crops without side effects without undesirable side effects on the plant.


  • Paecilomyes lilacinus

  • Glomus intraradices

  • Pochonia chiamydosporia

  • Pseudomonas fluorescens

  • Streptomyces albus

  • + root-inducing and nitrogen-fixing microorganisms


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Effectively controls and prevents nematodes.

Accelerates growth of absorbent root hairs for better nutrient assimilation.

Does not cause premature aging or physiological damage.


Raíz de uva

At “Viñedos el Marqués”, we increased root volume and absorbent capacity through a regenerative treatment.


All quality wine begins with a quality grape, and quality grapes are only possible with a healthy and functional root system. The health of the plants generates the health of the fruits!

Raíz de fresa

With our regenerative technology based on microorganisms, your plants achieve higher root quality, resulting in better nutrient assimilation and productivity. You will be surprised by the results!


Seed Treatment

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