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We are committed to creating a better world for everyone, which is why we make the same nature- based technology that we apply to large crops accessible right at your fingertips.

Are you ready to join this green revolution?

Your Solution for Fungal Control and Plant Invigoration


Key Benefits: 

  • Effectively fights diseases caused by fungi and bacteria.

  • Boosts plant vigor and growth.

  • Maximizes the utilization of synthetic and organic soil nutrients.

  • Improves soil structure for better plant growth.

Try ReviB now and experience a healthier and more vibrant garden! 

Say goodbye to pests!


With our effective pest control solution! Whether you're dealing with insects in the ground or on foliage, our product has you covered.

  • Broad-spectrum formula is designed to target a wide range of pests.

  • Respectful of pollinators and beneficial insects.

  • It doesn't generate resistance in pests, ensuring that your plants stay protected.

With our pest control solution, you can enjoy healthy, thriving plants without the hassle of pests getting in the way. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Improve your plant's performance from the roots up with ReFuerza Urbano! 


This product is designed to boost the strength and vitality of your plants by improving the absorption of nutrients and preventing nematode infestations.

  • Accelerates growth of absorbent roots for better nutrient absorption.

  • Effectively controls and prevents nematode infestations.

  • Safe to use and does not cause premature aging or physiological damage to plants.

Give your plants the extra boost


They need with FoliaG micronutrition and watch them thrive with greater shine, vigor, and overall health.

  • Promotes greener foliage and enhances photosynthesis.

  • Effectively prevents and corrects mineral deficiencies, ensuring optimal growth and development.

Are you an avid gardener, with a passion for growing fruits and vegetables? 


Take your produce to the next level with FoliaCa, our product that provides the extra calcium your plants need to produce beautiful and high-quality fruits.


Benefits of FoliaCa include: 

  • Increased fruit turgidity for a better appearance and longer shelf life.

  • Prevention and correction of mineral deficiencies for healthier plants and more abundant harvests.

Are you a fruit lover or just crazy about flowers?

Whichever it is, FloreC is the perfect solution for you! With FloreC, you'll get bigger yields and more beautiful blooms. 

  • Boosts pollen viability and promotes flowering.

  • Works within 48 hours of application.

  • Compatible with foliar nutrients and water-soluble insecticides.

Get ready for an explosion of color and flavor with FloreC!

I want to be a distributor!

Join this change and let's impact more and more urban orchards and gardens.

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Fungal control and vegetal invigorating


If you are looking to combat diseases caused by fungi and give your plant more vitality, this product is for you. 

  • Fights diseases caused by fungi and bacteria.

  • Increases vigor and stimulates the plant.

  • Increases the use of synthetic and organic soil nutrients.

  • It improves soil structure.


Goodbye insects!


Do you have the presence of insects or any pest that does not let your plants grow? This solution is for you!

  • Effective for ground and foliage insects.

  • Broad spectrum pest control.

  • It does not generate resistance in pests.

  • Respectful with pollinators and beneficial insects.


Improves roots, + strength 


Do you want to improve the use of fertilizers? Improve your roots with ReFuerza Urbano and strengthen your plant from the roots

  • Accelerated growth of absorbent hairs that favor a better assimilation of nutrients.

  • Effective in control and prevention of nematodes.

  • It does not cause premature aging or physiological damage.


What your plants need 


Give that extra that your plant needs with FoliaG micronutrition and get a plant with greater shine, vigor and health.

  • Greener foliage with better photosynthesis

  • Prevents and corrects mineral deficiencies


Are you more of a person of planting fruits and vegetables? 


Get more beautiful and better quality fruits with FoliaCa that will give you that additional contribution of Calcium that you need. 

  • Greater fruit turgidity

  • Prevents and corrects mineral deficiencies


Do you want to have more fruits or are you just a flower lover?

Then this product is for you, with FloreC you will achieve greater pollen viability and promote flowering. 

  • It takes effect 48 hours after application.

  • It is compatible with foliar nutrients and water-soluble insecticides.

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