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protg - control de plagas
Empaque protg - control de plagas

This product is ideal for the following crops:

Monitoreo y control de plagas

Pest prevention and control

ProTG is a solution for preventing and controlling mites, soft-bodied insects, larvae, and eggs. This active ferment of fungi and bacteria works against the main pests that harm crops.


  • Bauveria bassiana

  • Metarhizium anisopliae

  • Isaria fumosorosea

  • Bacillus thuringiensis

  • Serratia entomophila

  • + among other microorganisms 


Effective control for ground and foliage insects.

Pest control: Thrips, Two Dotted Spider, Army Worm, Aphid, White Grub, among others.

Safe for use during harvest with no residue, and does not generate resistance in pests.

Friendly to pollinators and beneficial insects.


control de plagas - araña roja

In just one week, we effectively controlled Two Dotted Spider infestations in Ciudad Guzmán fields without using agrochemicals.


Our application of organic biological products yielded incredible results: 84% control of Red Spider mites in raspberry crops, without generating resistance in the pest and with zero days of reentry to harvest, thus preserving productivity.

control de plagas - thrips

Grupo Molina is a great example of the effectiveness of our methods. In just four weeks, we reduced thrips populations by 70%, exceeding conventional management. We achieved this with only half the dose, effectively doubling our treatment's effectiveness.

Our environmentally friendly treatments promote regenerative agriculture as a source of prosperity for the wine industry. They also ensure the health and safety of field workers.

control de plagas

Comprehensive Pest and Disease Management

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