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Safe for humans, pollinators and predatory insects.

It does not generate resistance, and is compatible with conventional and organic management.

It does not cause bioaccumulation, water contamination, or ozone layer damage.

lanz - control de plagas
empaque lanz - control de plagas

This product is ideal for the following crops:

control de plagas - piojo harinoso

Comprehensive Pest and Disease Management

LanZ is a revolutionary solution for comprehensive pest management that helps increase crop productivity. Its unique formula adheres to the cuticle of insects, generating an infection that kills them and/or mites within two to five days


  • Bauveria bassiana

  • Metarhizium anisopliae

  • Smoky isaria

  • Bacillus thuringiensis

  • Serratia entomophila

  • + among other microorganisms


control de plagas - trips

Excessive use of pesticides can be expensive, inefficient, and toxic. LanZ it provides a sustainable solution for pest management, allowing for increased productivity.


Bio-AgTech's biological technology is harmless to beneficial insects and people, enabling application to zero days of harvest while protecting the health of workers, consumers, and pollinators.

control de plagas - araña roja

Without using agrochemicals, we achieved effective control of Red Spider in fields in Ciudad Guzmán within one week.


The application of organic biological products resulted in incredible results, such as an 84% control of two dotted spider mites in raspberry crops, without generating resistance in pests. With zero days of reentry to harvest, productivity is maintained without any loss.


Comprehensive Pest and Disease Management

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