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This product is ideal for the following crops:

Bloom Stimulant

FloreC is a biological chelate of micronutrients for foliar application that induces differentiation, increases pollen viability and promotes flowering, thus inducing productivity.


  • Trichoderma harzianum

  • Pseudomonas fluorescens

  • bacillusspp

  • + among other microorganisms


It takes effect 48 hours after application.

It is compatible with foliar nutrients and water-soluble insecticides.

Due to its microbial composition, the product is not compatible with fungicides or bactericides. 




Bio-stimulants, Micronutrition


FloreC is a Bio-AgTech solution that improves flowering with visible effects in just 48 hours! 

FloreC is a micronutrient cocktail with biological technology that facilitates the access of these minerals to the interior of the plant. This allows us to obtain great results quickly and visible in a very short time.

By using FloreC, we not only increase the number of flowers and the possibility of obtaining more fruits, but we also help plants to increase the nutritional content of fruits for human consumption.

We have helped producers from Maravatío, Michoacán to overcome challenges that impede productivity in strawberry crops in the region.

With regenerative biological treatment we reduce the affectation by fungi and apply foliar micronutrition to recover the vitality of plants and thus have a highly productive cycle.



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